Crochet shorts and tank top

size 0 crochet hook ............Beehive astra/patons grace or baby yarn.

In red
ch 31
sc in each 30ch.
ch1 turn, sc in 28sc.
Work even in sc for 1 1/2 inches.
Change to black.
next: 2sc in 1st sc, sc in 12sc, 2sc in next sc.
next: ch1 turn, sc in each sc.
Change to blue.
Work even in sc for 4 rows.
Tie off.
Work other side the same
Tie off.
Sew up back seam leaving top 1/2 inch open.
Attach velcro to fasten.

Tank top
sc in 40ch.
next: ch1 turn, sc in 5sc, ch5, sk6, sc in 10sc, sk6, ch5, sc in 5sc,
next: ch1 turn, sc in each sc and ch across.
Work even in sc until piece is 3 inches.
Tie off.
Attach velcro to fasten.

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